Sports gambling is the act of giving a take on sports results and putting money on the outcomes. Sports gambling is also referred to as sports betting. Money is placed on games like baseball, cycling, basketball and football. Casino gambling on the other hand involves taking the risk of either winning or losing money or belongings while playing certain games in a casino for example dice, craps, Caribbean stud and Three-Card Poker.

Similarities between sports gambling and Casino gambling

  • Both sports and casino gambling are based on event since in casino gambling the gambler places his or her money on games like blackjack, craps and dice while in sports gambling money is put on events as well- like baseball, football, and basketball.
  • In both the outcome is unpredictable. This is because in sports gambling the fate of the person that has bet can only be determined after the game, which is the same case in gambling where the player’s fate is revealed at the moment they win or lose.
  • Both sports gambling and casino gambling are skill-based events. For a casino gambler to win, they have to know their stuff. Similarly, a person placing a bet must have complete knowledge of the particular team, players and its chances of winning.
  • Both casino gambling and sports gambling depend on the luck. Betters can know everything there is to know about teams but that only enhances their odds but does not guarantee anything. Games in the casino do not depend single handedly on the gambler’s skills but luck, for example, craps and baccarat.
  • In both sports gambling and casino gambling money, is the common denominator as a punter cannot place a bet without money just as a player in a casino cannot play without money or property that has monetary value.

Differences between sports gambling and casino gambling

  • In sports gambling, the punter can only bet using money. In casino gambling money, and other assets that have monetary value are accepted.
  • A casino gambler takes part in the game as a player while in sports gambling the individual has no impact on the game and can only spectate.
  • For one to take part in casino gambling, he or she must be present in the casino (whether online or in brick and mortar establishment). Sports betters are passive participants.

Whether you lean toward sports or casino gambling, it is still clear that one risks money for unforeseen results, which may turn either positive or negative. And that’s the thrill of it all.

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